The steadily increasing level of outsourcing activities makes it for organizations necessary to monitor the performance of their suppliers and partners more closely in order to ensure that the product or service is rendered according to defined specifications.


However, certifications and formal approvals alone cannot guarantee the required quality and suppliers are often located in different countries which allows organizations to control the overall compliance of their suppliers performances only to a limited extent.


Many organizations are therefore content with the filling in of questionnaires and material certificates and the measurement and monitoring of certain key performance indicators, such as the quality of product deliveries or the keeping of agreed delivery deadlines.


But that alone does not say a lot about the supplier's ability of how they are going to deal with unexpected incidents and how effective their preventive measures really are. This is a significant risk which can, when neglected, quickly result in supply bottlenecks with consequences for the organization's production and the fulfillment of contractual obligations towards their own customers.


This is even more important when used materials in products also need to comply with strict legal and regulatory requirements and there are many wrongdoers who don't shy away to use non-conforming materials, goods or services in order to cope with growing price pressures or simply to achieve higher profits.


Our team of highly qualified auditors has more than 15 years of practical experience in the field of quality management and process improvement of various industries and we have been successfully supporting international organizations for many years in the selection, evaluation and development of their suppliers.


You would benefit from our long experience, objectiveness and the cost-efficiency of our offer. For more details please also refer to the PDF leaflet.