We are committed to delivering professional and high quality services for our clients. In order to achieve this and to ensure flawless and effective management of our operations and performance we have developed and implemented a quality management system in accordance with the most relevant international standards for market research and consulting firms.


●   ISO 9001:2015 "Quality management systems"

●   ISO 20252:2019 "Market, opinion and social research"

●   ISO 20700:2017 "Guidelines for management consultancy services"


With our optimized quality management system we have a clear competitive advantage and the ability to create sustained value for our clients. We can reduce risks and costs in our consulting assignments with the consistent improvement in business practices, methods and processes.



●   We respond to all kinds of enquiries, requests, suggestions and complaints in a timely, professional and courteous manner.

●   We make every effort to understand the expectations of our clients and to provide the required resources to achieve the defined goals in our project assignments.

●   We determine and address the risks that can affect the conformity of our services and our ability to enhance client satisfaction.

●   We measure the progress in our projects and make necessary improvements to meet our clients' objectives and the commitments made in our quality policy.

●   We review our performance and communicate our results to our clients while protecting the data and related documentation from access by third parties.

●    We adhere to applicable legislative requirements as well as to our internal policies and procedures.

Our quality management system can therefore be considered as very service and client-oriented which covers all the essential activities of a typical consulting process.



We have established a structured process for the assessment of information provided by our clients and commit in working together only when a clear agreement has been reached that covers the relevant facts of the assignment, such as the understanding of our client’s business context, objectives, scope and limitations, required services and expected deliverables, approach and work plan, roles and responsibilities, acceptance criteria, terms and conditions.



Once an agreement has been reached, we provide the service in accordance with the agreed approach and work plan. This execution phase considers the refining and implementation of the project quality plan, the assignment management and progress monitoring as well as approvals and acceptance of services delivered during the assignment. During this phase we collaborate with confidence, fairness and mutual respect to achieve a mutually positive outcome.



After completion of the assignment, including the assessment and delivery of all the results, the assignment is closed by resolving any unfinished items and meeting all contractual and legal obligations. For this we gain acceptance form our client that the assignment is complete.