It is fundamentally important for an organization to establish and enforce organizational policies and procedures, whether in service provision, employee behavior, environmental issues, legal matters or in other areas. Their purpose in to serve and explain to employees and stakeholders who will do what in an organization, why and when and provide thus a well-defined framework and structure for an organization.


We have developed and implemented various company policies and procedures in our company and workplaces which describe our practices and activities and are communicated and explained to all our employees and external contractors. They are key elements and basic principles or our corporate responsibility and ensure that everything we do ultimately benefits our clients and our own interests in the long term.

Our policies and procedures are reviewed on a yearly basis and updated when new requirements or situations make an alignment necessary to clearly outline what actions and behaviors are acceptable and not acceptable and protect our organization, employees and our clients from further harm and wrongdoing by providing actionable steps when our employees or external contractors fail to comply with applicable standards or when policies or procedures are violated.

Please take a moment to read the listed policies in the right column which are of particular interest to most of our clients, partners and employees.​