In response to the announcement of the World Health Organization on 11 March 2020 which declared the Coronavirus a pandemic we have enacted our business continuity plan. As the situation of the outbreak quickly evolves we are closely monitoring the development in Thailand as well as on a global level which has meanwhile become a worldwide humanitarian crisis and affecting the global markets, institutions and businesses as well as aspects of all our lives.


As a precaution for ensuring the safety of our employees, their families, our community and also to support the government's efforts to contain the spread of the latest Covid-19 outbreak in Thailand we have decided to temporarily close our offices in Bangkok and Chiang Mai again for the time being and have implemented work-from-home protocols for all our employees. Due to the nature of our operations all our employees are experienced in working remotely and have already been using various types of collaboration software and tools for a long period of time. This allows us to continue working together in real time by using video conferencing, cloud storage and file-sharing services to maintain necessary personal connections and document exchanges with our clients and business partners and to keep our operations running wherever possible during these uncertain times.

Our emergency response team meets on a daily basis through video conferencing to monitor and review internal business functions and related client projects to ensure our company's continued ability to offer and implement the most effective services and solutions for our clients and to provide our employees and clients regular updates as needed and whenever requested. However, our fieldwork activities or other services that involve travelling or face-to-face interactions with our clients, their employees or business partners are currently limited and considered on a case-to-case basis. For new enquiries please fill out our contact form or email us only, i.e. walk-ins or phone calls are not possible at the moment.


We thank you for your understanding.

Your Devaton Consulting Team